Sooner or later everyone may need to choose a professional service provider. There comes a time in every business and to
some extent, in personal matters, when the services of an accountant and or a management consultant are required. This need can arise inter alia at various points, such as:

  • The planning stage in a new business venture;
  • Purchase or sale of a business;
  • Preparation of tax returns for the business or the owner or defending against excessive tax assessments by the tax authorities;
  • At the insistence of a potential or current lender;
  • In the evaluation of your accounting and information systems or the development of strategic planning;
  • In cases of litigation where damages need to be quantified;
  • In retirement, estate, investment and tax planning; and
  • In cases where you might need to replace your present service provider(s).

This process of selecting an accountant and or a management consultant for your business or private affairs can be confusing and frustrating, so it is best to develop a checklist to assist in the engaging of such a person(s).